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Richmond Permanent Eyeliner and Lashliner

Sign up for the Permanent Eyeliner And Lashliner treatment What Is Semi-permanent Eyeliner? Semi-permanent eyeliner / lashliner is a safe, convenient way to get stunning eyes, every day! The enhancement can be subtle, or a bold declaration of your individual style. Some of the benefits from a Semi-permanent Eyeliner include: Safe procedure Natural result Long lasting Convenient Individual style The key to great permanent… The key to great permanent eyeliner is communication!

Lip tinting

Sign up for the Lip tinting treatment What Is Lip Tinting? Lip tinting is a safe, effective, and long-lasting cosmetic procedure to enhance the colour and contour of lips. It creates a subtle and semi-permanent enhancement to your lips’ natural beauty, allowing clients to forego daily lip cosmetics for up to three years. Of course, lipsticks and glosses can be used anytime to change up your look, but many clients find the convenience

Eyebrow Microblading

Sign up for the Eyebrow Microblading treatment Best Eyebrow Microblading in Richmond Make up has always been a staple for any woman that wants to enhance their beauty. However, what we know as everyday makeup is taking on a new life. You have most likely heard of eyebrow microblading or permanent makeup before, and if not then this is still good to know what it is and if it is something you


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