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What Is Semi-permanent Eyeliner?

Semi-permanent eyeliner / lashliner is a safe, convenient way to get stunning eyes, every day! The enhancement can be subtle, or a bold declaration of your individual style.

Some of the benefits from a Semi-permanent Eyeliner include:

Safe procedure

Natural result

Long lasting


Individual style


The key to great permanent...

The key to great permanent eyeliner is communication! You and the experienced technician applying the lashliner should work together to decide the pigment, shape and style of the semi-permanent eyeliner that suits your unique desires and tastes. All aspects of the process are customized to your preferences and must be planned in detail before beginning.

Is Semi-permanent Eyeliner...

Please be sure to read our FAQs and take advantage of our free consultation service before committing to your permanent eyeliner tattoo in Richmond. 我们说中文,英文和韩文



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