Overlaying the old eyebrow tattoo


In today’s beauty industry, permanent makeup is one of the most in demand among all others. For the effect of the procedure to last for a long time, to be of high quality, to blend in with the external image, it is important that the tattoo was performed by a professional master. But, unfortunately, it is not always the case.

Sometimes beginners master take on the job. Not having sufficient experience, honed skills and knowledge, they poorly perform permanent make-up. In this case, overlapping the unsuccessful work can help.

Peculiarities of the procedure of overlapping the old tattoo

The overlapping of the old or unsuccessful tattooing means masking the old pattern with a newer one by introducing pigments. That is, the task of this procedure – to hide the old, unsuccessful or bothersome tattoo. Very often the overlapping of the tattoo is compared to the correction, but it is fundamentally different procedure. Correction – a procedure that updates the old tattoo, giving it fullness, brightness and freshness.

The peculiarity of overlapping is that not all cases of permanent make-up can be corrected by overlapping.

The basic techniques used in the overlapping of permanent make-up

The choice of technique is selected by the master for each individual case. Sometimes the techniques in which the work itself is done can be used. Usually this option is suitable for the correction of unsuccessful work of a novice master. This means that if the eyebrows are done in the popular powder technique, then you can try to fix them in the same way or with a tight stippling.

For the correction of old tattooing, combined techniques are used, such as, hairline and tousling. After the main procedure, on average, requires a minimum of three more corrections to get the desired result.

Cases when the overlapping of the tattoo will be effective

When you apply to the master with a request to overlap the old tattoo, he preliminarily evaluates the amount of work, correlates the feasibility of the procedure and its effectiveness. Overlapping of the old or unsuccessful tattooing will make sense in such situations:

  • If the shape of the eyebrows, lips allows you to go beyond it, while maintaining harmony and natural appearance;
  • If the old pigment, which is deposited in the skin, has a pale, faded shade, interrupted in places;
  • if there is no residual paint that has gone into another color, such as: blue, red, pink;
  • the work to be corrected has blurry, indistinct borders.

If the master sees that there is a clear asymmetry, the shape is uneven, unnatural, the remnants of pigment have not only changed the original color, but also remain quite bright, most likely he will refuse to perform overlapping. The feasibility of such a procedure is reduced to zero. This means that no matter how hard the master tried to overlap the old tattoo, the final result will show that it is unfeasible and ineffective.

What to do if it is impossible to cover the old permanent make-up

In the practice of any professional master there are cases when it is impossible to cover the old or unsuccessful permanent makeup for a number of reasons. In order not to continue to walk around with such poor-quality work, the solution to such a difficult situation is the laser tattoo removal procedure.

It is a modern, highly effective and absolutely safe procedure, which allows to effectively get rid of low-quality or outdated permanent makeup. The only disadvantage is that in one procedure, it is rarely possible to remove the pigment without residue. Their number depends on the complexity of the work, the depth of the pigment and much more. The break between sessions of laser removal should be not less than 1 month.

Laser removal of tattooing – the best alternative to overlapping

Current trends in the beauty-industry are leading to the fact that the standard procedure of overlapping the tattoo is gradually abandoned, offering instead laser removal of permanent makeup. This is due to a number of advantages, which can not boast the overlapping.

  1. The old pigment, regardless of its depth, can be completely removed from the skin surface without trace. The number of laser removal sessions depends on the complexity of the work, the individual characteristics of the client’s body.
  2. In contrast to the overlapping procedure, where after the main session you need a repeated correction, there is no such thing in laser removal. After the work to remove the pigment is over, permanent make-up is applied to clean skin.
  3. While highly effective, the procedure is absolutely safe if all the requirements and rules are followed.

In addition, the cost of the laser removal of tattooing is low, affordable for most women. After laser removal, as well as after permanent makeup, special care of the skin is required for its rapid recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many procedures are required to overlap the old eyebrow tattoo?

No master can tell you the exact number of procedures. It depends on the complexity of the eyebrows tattoo, the depth of the pigment and the client’s skin features.

What is better: the overlap of the permanent tattoo or its laser removal?

Most professional artists believe that the second option is better, because it is more efficient, requires less time and is not as painful to feel.

Is there anesthesia before laser removal?

It depends on the individual pain threshold of each person. In most cases, the pain is tolerable, but if necessary, the technician can anesthetize.

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