How long does permanent lip makeup last and what affects durability?


In lip tattooing, the pigment is injected into the skin to a certain depth. The amount of dye and depth of injection depend on the technique used.

On average, permanent make-up on the lips, with compliance with all recommendations, lasts from 3 to 5 years, but gradually its intensity decreases.

How long does the lip tattoo last? With simple techniques, it will last for about 2 years. More precise timing is an individual matter, because many factors influence the result obtained.

What affects the durability

On how long the lip tattoo lasts, its color and intensity is influenced by several factors. Part of them depends on the master, but not less important are the peculiarities of the body and compliance with all recommendations for care and restrictions.

Professionalism of the master

From the experience of a specialist depends on the result – how beautiful the lips will be, and how long the permanent lip make-up will last. After all, when the tattoo is important to stick to the technique of execution, to correctly calculate the depth of the introduction of the pigment, to correctly select the amount and shade. Also of great importance are the sanitary conditions in the salon: if during the procedure to bring the infection, due to inflammation and treatment of the lips will leave a lot of pigment, it will be fixed only in spots.

Therefore, it is worth taking seriously the choice of institution, be sure to read reviews about the master, see examples of his work. It is also worth making an appointment for a preliminary consultation to get acquainted and personally communicate with the specialist, to ask about all the features of the procedure, to evaluate the salon itself.

Quality of materials

Permanent lip make-up is not such a cheap pleasure, but you should not economize much on the tattoo: the use of pigment of poor quality can lead to undesirable consequences. This can be a rapid loss of color, dulling the lips.

Even worse, if the pigment is a strong allergy, it will be because of rejection is almost all or the lips will get a strange unnatural color. In this case, you will have to remove permanent makeup with laser treatment.

Peculiarities of the body
  1. If a light dye is used, then it is more “gone” from the lips, the dark colors last longer. However, the shade should be chosen based on the skin, not the degree of persistence.
  2. Those who frequent the tanning salon, steam in saunas and baths, like to tan, go on vacation several times a year, the pigment due to ultraviolet light and strong perspiration is discolored and removed more.
  3. For young girls, because of the rapid renewal of the skin, the dye is able to come out more quickly; for older women (after 40), permanent makeup stays on longer.
  4. If you often practice scrubbing and peeling, in addition to tattooing use decorative cosmetics, your lips will lighten faster.
  5. Those who are actively engaged in sports, train a lot, resistant makeup will last no more than 1-1,5 years.
  6. With oily skin, as well as in the case of enlarged pores, the pigment is lost more, longer it remains on the lips of owners of dry skin.

Also in some people the immune system actively rejects the pigment as a foreign substance. This occurs infrequently, but in this case, the dye is retained very poorly, even corrections do not save the situation.

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